The Emerald has served the University of Oregon with news and information since 1900. Our mission is to train students, serve the UO community and run a financially sustainable nonprofit business.

This group is a multi-faceted, modern media company that’s equipped to help your business find success. More than just a newspaper, today’s Emerald Media Group staff and departments have solutions to help you reach the UO community effectively. Its goal is to help you deliver your messaging in a way that engages UO students and makes the most sense for your business.

In 2013 the Emerald made a full transition to what is now Emerald Media Group. By expanding its educational mission and offerings to its students, it has in turn maximized its ability to serve its customers.

More resources mean more opportunities. More opportunities mean greater success.

Video Production

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Opportunity: The Undie Run is a fantastic event that lets students celebrate spring and blow off steam while supporting an annual charity clothing drive.

Goal: Show moments from the 2015 Undie Run and capture the fun, lighthearted spirit of the event.

Tactics: The Emerald Media Group’s highly visual event coverage showcases the fun and inclusive nature of this popular celebration by highlighting some of its great features, including running, music and dancing. This coverage not only recaps the 2015 Undie Run, but also shows students why they should register for the 2016 event.

Opportunity: Falling Sky has all the brews and deli fare that students crave, but many won’t go to the effort to actually make the trip to Falling Sky’s deli or pub. Thankfully, Falling Sky now works with Cascadian Courier Collective to offer deliveries by bike, so students don’t have to change out of their pajamas to enjoy a nice beef brisket pastrami.

Goal: Publicize the start of Falling Sky’s new delivery service and show how seamlessly it works with the college lifestyle.

Tactics: To connect with the college demographic while highlighting the functionality of Falling Sky’s delivery service, the Emerald Media Group created a humorous video that shows a burger delivery in action. This scripted video features an original song and a narrative promoting the quality and convenience of Falling Sky.

Web Development

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Opportunity: There are a lot of places in Eugene to get haircuts and tattoos, but none offer the music-oriented vibe, PBR-fueled relaxation and unique combination of services that Analog Barbershop does. But as a shop that just opened in 2011, Analog faces competition from more established barber shops and tattoo parlors in town.

Goal: Create a website that differentiate Analog Barbershop from other shops in town and lets users explore its wide array of services.

Tactics: By building a site featuring large black and white photos and convenient parallax scrolling, the Emerald Media Group was able to capture the young, edgy vibe of Analog Barbershop and set it apart from competitors. The site lets visitors peruse the shop’s offerings and impels them to book their next cut, shave, or tat at Analog.

Opportunity: With its location near campus and hearty happy hour and late-night menus, Agate Alley Bistro has the makings of a great college restaurant and bar. The one element it needed, though, was an online presence that would resonate with students. Young people usually check out restaurants online before visiting, and the college demographic expects clean, user-friendly design and a strong digital presence.

Goal: Build a website that accurately captures the spirit of Agate Alley Bistro while displaying the restaurant’s menus, events and specials.

Tactics: The large visuals and rich, distinct color palette work conjointly to represent the vibe of Agate Alley, introducing visitors to the feel of the bistro. The Emerald Media Group built an easily-navigable site then lets users quickly find restaurant information, menus and upcoming events. All elements of the site work to familiarize visitors with the offerings of Agate Alley and encourage them to swing in for calamari or cocktails.


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Best of Campus gives students a chance to voice their opinions about activities on and around campus by voting for their favorite bars, parks, restaurants, professors, and more. Voting runs for a two week period, giving businesses a reasonable amount of time to promote themselves and students time to vote. Once the voting ends and the winners are chosen, the Emerald special edition section will create an entire magazine dedicated to the Best of Campus winners. We invite the top three winners of each category for an awards ceremony to recognize and celebrate all of our winners who were voted the Best of Campus in their specific category.

Each year a panel from the Alumni Association and the Emerald Media Group selects 25 outstanding Ducks who are nominated and chosen based on their involvement on campus and the surrounding community. The nominations are public and open to everyone affiliated with the university. We invite the winners to a special ceremony where they are recognized for the difference they have made in the community or the challenges they've overcome in their lives.

Client Event Planning: We plan a wide variety of events and would love to help you plan your next event!

Each spring we put on the Undie Run for students to celebrate a year of hard work by letting loose and having some fun. It is a mile long run with a concert at the end. Whatever clothes people wear to the event are donated to Hosea Youth Services, which helps homeless youth in Eugene by offering them a safe place off the streets and an abundance of services.

Chews & Brews is a food and dining guide the Emerald publishes once a term. Restaurants can pay to be featured on the cover for advertisement with a featured article in the guide. The idea behind Chews & Brews is to inform students on the UO campus of different restaurant options off campus and bring those restaurants more business.

Market Research

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Overview: The Oregon Emerald Media group offers market research by examining trends, media consumption and general interests among selected demographics to help businesses connect with their target markets in innovative and effective ways. The Emerald Media Group’s student employees offer uniquely modern perspectives which effectively aid clients in establishing relationships with students.

Services: Marketing analytics packages that include surveys, focus groups, and detailed analysis of all services.

Goals: To advise businesses on marketing trends within the University of Oregon’s community in order for businesses to best provide services that are most important between business and client relations.


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Opportunity: Tacovore’s young energy, robust drink menu and emphasis on high quality, locally sourced ingredients make it an ideal restaurant for UO students, but its distance from campus and relative newness meant that many students weren’t even aware of its existence.

Goal: Raise awareness of Tacovore among the campus community and showcase why the restaurant is worth a trip outside of the university bubble.

Tactics: Through a series of print advertisements, the Emerald Media Group has positioned Tacovore as a unique, fun spot for students to enjoy great Mexican food and drinks. Playing on the existing branding of the restaurant, these ads show students the vibe of the restaurant and spur them to pay a visit to Tacovore.

Opportunity: Eugene offers a rich variety of foodie culture and eateries, but unfortunately many students get trapped in the same dorm food rut and fail to explore these dining options.

Goal: Showcase Eugene’s food culture in a way that will better connect university students with local restaurants.

Tactics: Chews & Brews offers a visually engaging, informative way for students to explore local dining options. The Emerald Media Group designs an accessible, inviting magazine to get the university community more interested in Eugene’s restaurant scene.

Opportunity: The Undie Run is a fantastic event that lets students celebrate spring and blow off steam while supporting an annual charity clothing drive.

Goal: Represent The Undie Run in a way that is true to the lighthearted, inclusive nature of the event.

Tactics: By developing a monster themed design motif for The Undie Run, The Emerald Media Group was able to show that it is a fun, playful event for everyone. The publication’s design also showcases the wide appeal of the event among the campus community and its charitable mission.

Opportunity: With its location near campus and hearty happy hour and late-night menus, Agate Alley Bistro has all the makings of a great college restaurant and bar. What it had, though, was a disconnect between its great offerings and its favorability with students.

Goal: Revitalize the visual feel of Agate Alley Bistro to build more brand recognition and reception among its college audience.

Tactics: By updating the colors, photos and design style of Agate Alley Bistro, the Emerald Media Group was able to better advertise its great menu offerings and ideal location, strengthening its brand and reforging its position in the campus community.


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Impress your guests with red-carpet-worthy professional quality photos and real time photo strip printing. Run by students at University of Oregon, Emerald PhotoBooth takes your event's energy to the next level; Don’t plan it without one. After all, if no one snapped a photo, did the event even happen?


FULL PAGE     $880

1/2 PAGE         $440

1/4 PAGE         $220

1/8 PAGE         $110


FULL PAGE     $1,136

1/2 PAGE         $568

1/4 PAGE         $284

1/8 PAGE         $142


FULL PAGE     $904

1/2 PAGE         $452

1/4 PAGE         $226

1/8 PAGE         $113


FULL PAGE     $1,340

1/2 PAGE         $670

1/4 PAGE         $335

1/8 PAGE         $168



$200                               $100

* Color charges are additional and rates are per issue.


FULL PAGE     $500

1/2 PAGE         $350

1/4 PAGE         $225

1/8 PAGE         $150


FULL PAGE     $750

1/2 PAGE         $525

1/4 PAGE         $350

1/8 PAGE         $250


FULL PAGE     $650

1/2 PAGE         $450

1/4 PAGE         $300

1/8 PAGE         $200


FULL PAGE     $1,050

1/2 PAGE         $800

1/4 PAGE         $600

1/8 PAGE         $400





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Reserve your special placement now. Emerald mobile allows for three clients per month to have their own own tile and each tile directs our users right to the information you want them to have.



These ads rotate with up to 10 other clients, and are run of site (ROS) on all content pages within the app. This is a great way to start reaching people while they're accessing our content.


Put your coupon or event flier directly in the hands of UO students, faculty and staff with our street team distribution program.

1,000 FLIERS: $500

500 FLIERS: $350



provide us with a complete set of ads and we’ll place them on our distribution boxes located across campus and in Eugene.

PER TERM (11 WEEKS): $1,650


Get your message in the locations throughout campus where students spend their time.

100 POSTERS: $200

Maximum Poster Size is 11x17. Posters are distributed monday mornings. Printing available for street team service. Limited numbers of fliers and posters are distributed each week. Call early to reserve.

Charlie Weaver

Rob Reilly

Kathy Carbone

Chloe Rask

Spencer Orofino

Alisa O'Neal

Nicole Adkisson

Hunter Shannon

Katherine Holland


President, Publisher and CEO

Charlie is the President and Publisher of Emerald Media Group. In addition to his responsibilities for EMG, he also enjoys dabbling in the culinary arts, recently began collecting comic books again, on his iPad — it’s a technology thing and is a K9 enthusiast. Charlie’s also critical of your design choices and an avid font snob. He will sever all ties with you if you recommend using Papyrus … or Comic Sans.


VP Sales and Marketing

I have worked in media for 10 years with the majority of my time spent in student media, I have bachelor degrees in Advertising and Art & Design, as well as my Masters degree in Business Administration. I worked as a student at the Iowa State Daily and most recently was the advisor to student media at the University of Hawaii, before moving to Eugene to work for the Emerald.


VP of Operations

Kathy has a passion for student media and has been working at EMG for 25 years! Originally from San Francisco Bay Area, she has lived in Oregon for the past 29 years. Favorite getaway - camping and hiking on the coast with my dogs.


Brand & Marketing Manager

Chloe is pursuing a career in strategic copywriting, political campaigning, and branding. A self-proclaimed “oxford comma enthusiast,” Chloe often fulfills roles as token pun deliverer in meetings. Studying public relations and political science, this problem solver has experience in social media, branding, project management, public relations, and comedic writing.


Director of Production

Spencer hails out of California, but over the course of 4 years fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. Majoring in advertising, he seeks to develop career around incorporating his love of writing into developing strategies to help brands become better citizens while growing their business.


Creative Director

Allie has been with the media group for almost three full years now. She specializes in visual design and more recently experience design. From the Bay Area, she appreciates a good cup of coffee and a ginger cookie to go with it!


Student Sales Manager

Nicki has been at the Emerald Media Group for over two years. She enjoys helping students in the work place and working with new businesses in the Eugene area. When she's not keeping the office organized, you can find Nicki patronizing local wineries or taking her dog Libby on hikes.


Special Sections Editor

Hunter is a returning non traditional student who spent the last 4 out of the 6 years living in Portland, OR and working as an executive assistant and fundraiser for a nationally recognized philanthropist. Hunter is a journalism major with a double minor in Spanish and Business Administration. He enjoys finding new restaurants, traveling and live entertainment.


PhotoBooth Director

Katherine has been working for Emerald PhotoBooth for 2 years and has been director for the last 6 months. Her favorite part of working for PhotoBooth is meeting new people and working with the EPB staff.


Office Fish

Lu enjoys being a freeloader and swimming around in his bowl.